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Jeremy Lin: No more crashing on other people's couches

February 15, 2012 |  8:06 am

Jeremy Lin won't be crashing on anyone's couch anymore

Want one of the couches Jeremy Lin has been sleeping on? He's not going to be needing it anymore -- and it might just be up for sale.

That's right, the New York Knicks point guard has had such a quick rise from obscurity to superstardom that he hasn't even found a place of his own to live, instead crashing on couches in the homes of his brother and teammate Landry Fields.

It makes sense that Lin, who had already been cut by Golden State and Houston this season, would not have wanted to commit to any kind of lease in the New York area. But now he's suddenly the biggest name in the NBA -- having scored 20 or more points in the last six games, including a game-winning three-pointer with a half-second to play against Toronto on Tuesday night. He's also on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated and finally has a guaranteed contract.

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So, time to move on up -- and that's apparently what Lin is doing. According to the New York Daily News, Lin is subletting a fancy two-bedroom apartment from former Knicks player David Lee in the Trump Tower in downtown White Plains, N.Y., where several other Knicks and New York Rangers players also reside.

The place is said to be the same one Amare Stoudemire rented before he moved to Manhattan. In addition to a great view of New York City in the distance, the building has indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, a gym and basketball courts.

It's a far cry from Fields' couch -- although it is a pretty nice couch. Fields tweeted a photo of the now-infamous piece of furniture (see above), saying "Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only couch made famous by @JLin7! Let the bidding begin."

He's probably just kidding about the bidding part, although he's sure to get some offers. Those Knicks fans take their Linsanity pretty seriously.


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-- Chuck Schilken

Photos: Jeremy Lin, left; Landry Fields' couch, Lin's former bed, as posted on Twitpic. Credits: Jim Mone / Associated Press; Twitpic