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The 10 least-uttered phrases about Tim Tebow

December 15, 2011 | 12:00 pm


Tim Tebow is all over the news lately. He trends on Google every day, is rumored to be dating Lindsey Vonn, has made the Denver Broncos one of the hottest teams in the NFL, and is seemingly everywhere.

However, there are some things that are rarely said about the quarterback. Presenting the 10 least-uttered phrases about Tim Tebow:

10. You know who I wish I could hear more about? Tim Tebow.

9. That was a great 70-yard pass by Tim Tebow.

8. Whatever happened to Tim Tebow after he left Florida?

7. I sure wish Tim Tebow would smile more.

6. Great, Sunday chapel is about to start and Tim Tebow is late again.

5. I'm sure jealous of Tim Tebow's throwing arm. (Dan Marino only)

4. Can someone please tell Tim Tebow to move his car from that handicapped parking spot.

3. Did you see who Tim Tebow is engaged to? Lindsay Lohan.

2. Tim Tebow will be late to today's game, he's meeting with his parole officer.

1. Did you see Tim Tebow curse out that cashier just now?


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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Tim Tebow walks off the field during the game against the Chicago Bears. Credit: Jack Dempsey / Associated Press