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Madden: Tim Tebow gets the better of his detractors

December 12, 2011 |  9:15 am


With each victory by the Denver Broncos, quarterback Tim Tebow is convincing more people that he's the man for the job -- even if he's not the prototypical passer.

Hall of Fame coach John Madden said he's amused by the way Tebow's success seems to irritate some of his critics.

"It's amazing watching it," Madden told The Times before the Broncos' latest victory, a 13-10 overtime win against Chicago.

"Because there were pundits that said, 'He can't play. He can't throw. Tim Tebow will never be a pro.' Then after they make that statement, you watch them and they start to root against him to make their point. Then the third step is, he plays and he wins, and they get mad.

"They're mad at Tebow because they said he couldn't play, and he plays and wins. That's the part of Tebomania that cracks me up. They root for what their prediction is, and then if their prediction is wrong they get mad, mad at Tebow!"


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Photo: Tim Tebow comes out of the tunnel before the game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Credit: Ron Chenoy / US Presswire