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T.J. Simers: Angels take the limelight from Dodgers

December 9, 2011 |  8:53 am


SimersI knew as soon as the Dodgers signed Jerry Hairston Jr. and Aaron Harang, Arte Moreno would have to respond immediately.

You can just imagine the run on Hairston team jerseys at the Dodgers’ store.

I can’t wait until Harang and Albert Pujols go head-to-head. Do you think it’s possible for someone to hit a ball so far out of Angel Stadium it actually lands on the 57?

Tell me again why the Dodgers can’t sign Prince Fielder.

Oh, that’s right, Frank McCourt is trying to sell the team and he makes more money if the team appears to be financially more appealing. Good for Frank, and now tell me again why anyone -- anyone -- would buy Dodgers’ tickets this season.

Did you know the Grocery Store Bagger and Harang sat together on the bench on the same travel team when they were 13 years old? If the Dodgers wanted to sign someone cheaply and who couldn't play, why not the son-in-law instead of Harang?

More important, how come Commissioner Bud Selig hasn’t stepped in and ruled what Moreno is doing unfair?

If he allows this deal, the Dodgers become the Los Angeles Generals; there’s only one Los Angeles baseball team that anyone cares about and it isn’t located in Los Angeles.

As a point of order, James Loney being arrested on suspicion of DUI happened before he learned folks might start comparing the Dodgers' and Angels' first basemen.

On a bright note for the Dodgers, though, just wait seven or eight or nine years until Pujols is too old to be effective and the Angels are still paying him and the Dodgers come on strong with another Hairston.

Isn’t there always another Hairston?

As crazy as the state of baseball is here, there are the Lakers and Commissioner David Stern trying to make the point that "Living with the Kardashians" is nothing compared to life in the NBA.

PREDICTION: If Dwight Howard ends up with the New Jersey Nets, the NBA suddenly reconsiders and approves the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers knowing Howard won’t end up with the Lakers as well.

If the league is suddenly going to start evaluating deals on competitive balance, then how come Pau Gasol was allowed to leave Memphis for L.A.?

The Gasol deal was the missing championship piece of the puzzle. The addition of Paul is a little puzzling if one maintains height matters in basketball and the Lakers won’t have any once Andrew Bynum gets injured again.

At the very least it would have been entertaining to see how the Lakers managed their new look, Coach Mike Brown yelling at Kobe, “Chris can’t pass you the ball if you always insist on having it."

Throw in Howard for Bynum, and Jim Buss is named executive of the year, and how silly do the critics look who have portrayed him as being clueless?

I know this, it was just a few days ago when Magic Johnson was saying the Lakers had no chance to win this season, and look how fast the team swung into action to get better.

Consider the ramifications if Magic becomes owner of the Dodgers and gets a look at that roster.

Biggest day in L.A. sports for years and I have to be honest, I’m working the UCLA football story, which ranks right up there with USC basketball.

By the way, does USC have a basketball coach? If it does, I’ve never met the guy.

Unbeknownst to most, and it’s my fault, UCLA has been trying to hire Washington Coach Steve Sarkisian.

A week ago I suggested the former Trojans assistant would be the inspired hire. But since I suggested it and no one believed UCLA would look at a Trojan and Sark wouldn’t be interested, it hasn’t received much attention.

But UCLA is trying to pull together such a deal and Sark hasn’t told UCLA to leave him alone. That’s why Jim Mora hasn’t been hired.

It’s the biggest day in L.A. sports for years, all right, and I’m downtown with the wife at a hockey game because she’s a hockey fan and it can get really cold at home when she doesn’t get her way.

But what a ripoff, $60 for tickets, a $6 Stub Hub fee, another $4.95 for delivery service even though I’m downloading them off the computer, parking and then there’s feeding the wife.

Two buffet dinners with sodas in the San Manuel Club at Staples go for almost $100, and if you want dessert and the wife always does, it’s extra. Who offers a buffet dinner and charges extra for cookies?

Worse yet, the inmates at County Jail probably get better food. But I understand now why most of the tables in the San Manuel Club weren’t being used.

I would have known better had I gone to more hockey games, but I have to tell you, I’m not all that upset not knowing better.


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--T.J. Simers

Photo: Angels. Credit: Gina Ferazzi/Los Angeles Times.