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A close up look at the NHL's situation room [video]

December 19, 2011 |  3:36 pm

Making the right call on the ice can be as easy as a referee pointing to the back of the net with a siren blaring behind him as one team rejoices and another slowly skates away.

But there are other times when someone needs to pick up a phone and call Toronto -- if someone else hasn't already called the arena first.

The NHL reviews all of its questionable goals from its situation room in Toronto. The latest incarnation of the facility, which looks like a cross between NORAD and the greatest sports bar ever, features 16 42-inch high-definition monitors that receive raw feeds from every game in progress.

From their high-tech surroundings, NHL officials can review close-call plays from every available angle to make sure the referees on the ice get the call right.

The situation room may look like hockey fan heaven, but some serious work goes on there.

And be sure to read Helene Elliott's column on the NHL's situation room.


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