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Players and fans celebrate end of NFL lockout

July 25, 2011 |  4:16 pm

The NFL’s four-month-long lockout is considered over and done, as team owners and players’ representatives shook hands over a new 10-year labor deal on Monday. For the lockout to officially end, the league’s 1,900 players must vote to ratify the deal.

But for most players and fans, Monday’s news came as a relief. Twitter was abuzz with players’ celebrations and fans’ ruminations -- plus some excited Superbowl chatter. The words "Superbowl", "Brett Farve", "Cowboys," "Eagles" and "Fantasy Football" made appearances on United States' Twitter trending list. NFL newcomers like Torrey Smith, plus returning veteran players tweeted their anticipation for the upcoming season.

The NFL is back in the game.

--Jessica Lum