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UFC 125 live results: Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

January 1, 2011 |  4:21 pm












UFC starts off 2011 with a deep card from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Frank Edgar vs. Gray Maynard for the UFC lightweight title headlines the event. The Fabulous Forum will have results from Las Vegas for all of the evening's bouts.

Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann

McKee, a longtime veteran of the sport with an excellent record and wrestling pedigree, is finally making his UFC debut. Volkmann has looked impressive thus far in his UFC career against a generally high level of opposition.

Round 1. Volkmann presses forward as they feel each other out standing. McKee has success with a few hooks to the jaw. McKee clinches and looks for a takedown but Volkmann defends with ease. McKee ducks down and goes for another takedown. Volkmann moves back against the cage and circles out. Volkmann shoots for a takedown of his own and gets it with two minutes remaining in the round. McKee powers out and stands back up without taking any damage. McKee lands a nice knee to the body as they clinch against the cage. Volkmann looks for a takedown but McKee defends well. McKee lands a nice leg kick and Volkmann answers with one of his own. Very close round. McKee gets the round very narrowly on the basis of more effective striking. 10-9 McKee.

Round 2. Volkmann uses a leg kick to start the round. McKee answers with a nice punch combination. He's mixing in jabs and uppercuts with the hooks. McKee shoots for a takedown and grabs a single leg. They scramble for position and Volkmann looks to take McKee's back. Volkmann gets the back and tries to sink in a rear naked choke. He gets an arm around McKee's jaw but can't get it under the chin. Volkmann continues to fight for the choke. Volkmann continues to look for the choke but can't get it under the chin. McKee fires punches back at Volkmann while Volkmann tries for the choke. With ten seconds left in the round, McKee rolls out of danger into top position and throws a few punches down to close the round. 10-9 Volkmann.

Round 3. Volkmann lands a leg kick to start the round. He follows with a few more leg kicks while McKee throws single punches. Volkmann moves in for a takedown and gets caught with a hard hook in response. McKee lands another hook and a body kick. McKee lands a nice straight right and takes Volkmann down. Volkmann tries to get back up and McKee has to focus on just holding him down without doing any damage. 10-9 McKee. The fight will come down to the close first round. 29-28 McKee on this scorecard.

Winner: Jacob Volkmann, split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

Daniel Roberts vs. Greg Soto

Roberts is a grappling specialist with a 2-1 UFC record. Soto sports a 1-1 UFC record with his only loss coming via disqualification.

Round 1. Both men come out at a much quicker pace than the previous fight. Soto lands a really big straight punch that knocks Roberts backwards. He looks for a choke but can't get it on Roberts. Soto throws a right head kick but it doesn't land fully. Roberts takes Soto down halfway through the round. Roberts uses some ground and pound and looks to pass guard. Roberts grabs a kimura. He extends it from the bottom position then back to top and cranks it from the top next to the cage for the submission. Very nice finish by Roberts.

Winner: Daniel Roberts, submission, round 1.

Mike Brown vs. Diego Nunes

This is an early battle of former WEC featherweights. Mike Brown is the former WEC featherweight champion. He holds two wins over Urijah Faber and is a UFC veteran as well. Diego Nunes has an impressive 15-1 record with four wins in the WEC.

Round 1. Brown receives a very nice reaction from the crowd. Nunes opens with a leg kick, spinning back kick and head kick. Brown closes the distance and shoots for a takedown. Brown throws a series of knees to the leg. You've never heard a crowd react so loudly to knees to the leg. Brown finally gets the takedown and throws some punches to the face of Nunes. He grabs Nunes' back and sinks in one hook. Nunes tries to stand up but Brown sends him back down with a big slam. Nunes looks for a kimura but can't get it. Nunes stands up but gets caught with a huge hook that knocks Nunes loopy. Brown looks to finish but Nunes is able to recover his senses. Nunes' left eye is swollen shut. Nunes utilizes a series of quality leg kicks late in the round and lands a spinning back fist. Nunes throws some hard knees to the body while Brown answers with hooks at the close of the round. Great round. 10-9 Brown.

Round 2. Nunes continues his success from the late first round with a series of hard kicks. He mixes in leg kicks, body kicks and head kicks from different angles. Brown tries to get a takedown but doesn't come close. Nunes' striking has actually become more crisp since his eye shut closed. They clinch. Nunes avoids a takedown and throws some knees to the body. Brown throws a pair of hard hooks but Nunes answers with knees. Nunes throws a big straight left punch and follows with more leg kicks. As Nunes throws a punch, Brown catches him off balance and takes him down. Nunes gets back up. He throws a beautiful spinning back kick to the body and continues with strong knees to the body. Excellent round for Nunes. 10-9 Nunes.

Round 3. Nunes goes to hug Brown at the start of the third round. He then opens back up with a variety of kicks. He is having particular success with leg kicks and spinning back kicks. Brown goes for a takedown and grabs Nunes' back in the standing position. Brown throws a series of knees. They clinch and Nunes catches Brown with some nice hooks. Brown again looks for a takedown but Nunes blocks it. Nunes throws knees as Brown tries to get a takedown. With 30 seconds left Brown takes Nunes down cleanly. That could have decided the round, but Nunes stands right back up seven seconds later. He throws some punches and a head kick to close the round. 10-9 Nunes, 29-28 Nunes. Great fight.

Winner: Diego Nunes, split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

The crowd boos an emotional Nunes after the fight, not liking the decision.

Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares

Phil Baroni is one of MMA's most colorful characters and has scored some impressive highlight reel knockouts over the years. However, he hasn't looked very good in quite a while. He desperately needs a win here if he is ever to fight in UFC again. Tavares is an Ultimate Fighter alumnus from Hawaii.

Round 1. Tavares throws a series of leg kicks to start. Tavares ducks down for a takedown and Baroni opens up with big punches. Baroni looks for a guillotine choke and ends up on top. Tavares gets back up. Baroni throws some heavy punches that don't land and Tavares looks for a takedown of Baroni. Baroni defends well. There is a break for an accidental low blow. Coming back, Tavares rocks Baroni with a head kick. He immediately follows up with a hard series of punches reminiscent of Baroni/Menne years ago. Baroni covers up against the cage and Tavares continues to drop bombs until the fight is stopped.

Winner: Brad Tavares, TKO, round 1.

Josh Grispi vs. Dustin Poirier

Grispi was scheduled to fight for the now UFC featherweight title against Jose Aldo on this show, but Aldo had to pull out due to injury. Grispi is in line for a title shot next if he can get by the 21-year-old Poirier, who took this fight on short notice.

Round 1. Grispi and Poirier trade unorthodox kick attempts. Neither man does much damage. Grispi on his feet jumps to pull guard but then seemingly thinks better of it and returns to his feet. Poirier nails Grispi with a big knee and follows with an explosive punching combination. Poirier looks to have Grispi in big trouble but Grispi recovers. Poirier throws a pair of push kicks to the body. The second sends Grispi to the mat. Poirier moves in with huge punches and is just lighting Grispi up. Grispi retreats around the Octagon as Poirier tries to finish the fight. Grispi eventually ducks to the ground and looks for a kimura. Poirier gets out of danger. 10-8 Poirier.

Round 2. Grispi immediately shoots for a takedown. He catches a knee to the body on the way in and Poirier prevents the takedown attempt. Poirier lands some nice uppercuts and again chases Grispi around the Octagon throwing bombs and looking to finish. A scramble ensues on the ground with Poirier on top but Grispi looking for a triangle choke. Poirier moves out of danger and stands back up. Poirier throws three knees from the clinch to the head and Grispi again drops down and looks to take the fight to the ground. Poirier ends up in Grispi's guard and throws some punches and elbows from the top. Grispi tries to sink in a triangle choke but Poirier lifts him up and slams him down to avoid trouble. On the feet, Poirier lands heavy knees and punches that are tagging Grispi to close the round. That was nearly another 10-8 round. 10-9 Poirier, 20-17 Poirier. Grispi looks outclassed.

Round 3. Poirier opens with a straight left. Grispi lands a few counterpunches but Poirier clinches and once again goes to town with knees. Gripsi shoots for a takedown but can't get it. Poirier returns to knees in the plum. Grispi finally gets a takedown and top position three minutes into the final round. Grispi throws a few elbows but is surprisingly inactive for someone so far down. He finally gets into side position with 50 seconds left in the fight. Poirier regains guard and holds on to end the fight. 10-9 Poirier, 30-26 Poirier.

Winner: Dustin Poirier, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Jeremy Stephens vs. Marcus Davis

Stephens is a tough, action 24-year-old fighter. Davis is a 37-year-old veteran on the decline fighting for the first time at 155 pounds.

Round 1. They feel each other out early with neither man landing any telling blows. Stephens looks for a takedown but Davis reverses him and scores the takedown himself. Davis isn't able to do much damage and Stephens stands back up. Davis lands a nice left/right combination. He appears to stagger Stephens with a straight punch and looks for the takedown rather than the striking finish. Disappointing round. 10-9 Davis.

Round 2. The fighters exchange solo punches. Stephens lunges in with a knee and then backs out. Stephens is mostly moving in and Davis countering but neither man is throwing or landing much. Stephens tries for a takedown but doesn't come close. Davis gets the takedown himself but Stephens grabs an arm and hasn't the kimura extended well behind Davis' body. Davis eventually gets the arm out. Davis throws some punches from the top to conclude the round. 10-9 Davis.

Round 3. Stephens moves in with some big overhand bombs. Few land on Davis. Stephens looks for a takedown but is easily brushed off. As Stephens throws a punch he gets caught with a counter that is the best blow of the round thus far. Out of nowhere, Stephens knocks Davis clean out with a short right hand that Davis didn't see coming. Stephens follows with another punch on the ground and that is it. Davis is out on the ground for some time afterwards.

Winner: Jeremy Stephens, KO, round 3.

Clay Guida vs. Takanori Gomi

Guida is a popular midlevel lightweight with wild hair and a relentless wrestling oriented style. Gomi is a high level standup artist and former Pride lightweight champion. It's a classic grappler vs. striker matchup.

Round 1. Guida circles around Gomi, bouncing on his feet. Gomi throws a few jabs when he moves in. He connects with a nice right a minute and a half in. Guida throws a big head kick and then shoots in for a takedown. Gomi defends nicely but Guida follows with a few punches that connect. Gomi lands a nice jab as Guida lunges in. Guida shoots wildly for a takedown but Gomi stuffs it. Guida continues to dance around as Gomi throws light jabs at him. Guida shoots but Gomi defends again with ease. Guida finally gets a takedown with 40 seconds left in the round. He isn't able to land much of anything from the top. 10-9 Guida.

Round 2. Guida shoots for a takedown but it is blocked. Gomi lands a punch as Guida backs up. Both men swing with Gomi landing the better shots. Guida goes for a takedown but Gomi again defends well. Gomi looks for a choke from behind but doesn't have any hooks in to secure it. Guida lands a head kick and a followup punch that are his best blows of the round. Gomi continues to throw one jab at a time. Guida counters with a nice right punch. Gomi lands a hard knee to the head but Gomi takes the opportunity and secures a takedown. Guida locks in a guillotine from the top, rolls over, and gets the tap. Nice finish.

Winner: Clay Guida, submission, round 2.

Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Diaz is an exciting and eccentric fighter and half of one of MMA's most famous brother tandems. Kim is an undefeated South Korean fighter with a judo background.

Round 1. Kim throws a leg kick. Diaz answers with a pair of jabs and a leg kick. As Diaz moves forward with punches, Kim takes him down. Diaz looks for a kimura from the bottom but Kim avoids danger. Kim looks to pass guard but Diaz prevents him from doing so. Kim throws some punches from guard. Kim drops down a big punch and continues to look to advance position. Diaz throws a pair of light punches from bottom and Kim answers with a big punch from top. Diaz looks for an armbar and then a leg lock but comes close on neither. Kim tries to take Diaz's back but can't secure it. Diaz then looks for a heel hook but Kim pulls out. They end up back on their feet at the close of the round. Very exciting ground battle. 10-9 Kim.

Round 2. Kim throws a number of leg kicks as the round commences. They exchange punches from close range and then back off. Diaz lands a nice 1-2 punching combination. Kim goes for a takedown but Diaz defends nicely. Kim tries again and this time gets it. Diaz is aggressive from the bottom going for submissions but doesn't come close to anything. Kim's submission defense is excellent. Kim throws some punches from top while Diaz throws punches from the bottom. Diaz gets up but Kim takes him right back down and ends up in Diaz's butterfly guard. Kim uses some ground and pound from top position and again looks to get Diaz's back. Diaz works out and tries to get Kim's back with time in the round running low. Kim escapes danger and they trade a few punches to close the round. 10-9 Kim.

Round 3. Kim lands a nice jab at the start of the round. He follows with a head kick. Diaz goes for a takedown and gets Kim down. However, Kim very quickly returns to his feet. They clinch and Diaz throws a knee. Kim puts down one hand on the mat so further knees to the head are illegal and Diaz throws one more knee to the head and shoulder. Kim reacts like he is badly hurt although the knee didn't appear to connect with much impact. As they restart they scramble for position and Kim takes top. It's a very quiet crowd for a Las Vegas show so three or four Kim supporters are very audible as they continue to cheer their fighter on. Diaz looks for a heel hook but can't get it. Diaz throws a knee to the body. Kim goes for a judo throw but can't get it. Diaz has more energy going down the stretch and throws punches and knees on a tired Kim as the fight comes to an end. Easy fight to score. 10-9 Diaz, 29-28 Kim.

Winner: Dong Hyun Kim, unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera

Vera, once considered a top prospect, badly needs a win here. Silva is a highly regarded light heavyweight in his own right. The fight has the potential to be a muay thai clinic.

Round 1. Silva charges across the cage. They clinch. Vera opens up with a series of knees and then follows with leg kicks. Silva swings big punches at Vera's head but they don't land. Silva clinches again and looks for a takedown. He gets it a minute into the fight. Silva uses ground and pound while Vera just holds on. Silva passes guard and throws harder punches from side control. Silva isn't doing much damage but Vera is extremely inactive from the bottom. Silva looks for a heel hook late in the round but gives it up when Vera looks for one of his one. Silva gets in Vera's face after the round is over and taunts him. 10-9 Silva.

Round 2. Vera comes in with heavy punches, kicks and knees, opening up on Silva. Silva clinches and takes Vera back down. Silva throws some punches from top and Vera throws some punches from the bottom. Silva tries to pass guard and throws some punches down on Vera. Silva looks for a kimura but doesn't get very far at all. Silva continues with ground and pound to close the round. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3. Vera knocks Silva down with a body kick and has him stand back up. Vera throws a head kick that is caught. Silva pushes Vera against the fence and looks for another takedown. Silva pulls Vera down and looks to take his back. He can't get a second hook in so they just sit in position for a while. The crowd, not pleased by the lack of a standup, has taken to heckling referee Steve Mazzagatti. Silva begins mocking Vera with light slaps from the back and hitting him like a drum. Silva then starts throwing harder punches. Silva returns to taunting and begins spanking Vera on the behind. Bizarre spectacle from Silva. Vera's nose is badly bent out of shape. It has a really freaky appearance. Vera mugs for the crowd, showing off the nose. 10-9 Silva, 30-27 Silva.

Winner: Thiago Silva, unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27).

Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann

Leben is coming off a tremendous 2010. He came into the year at risk of being cut by UFC. After three wins and two in a two week period, he finds himself in the semi-main event of the first show of 2011. Stann is a former Marine who earned the Silver Star for his service in Iraq. Both men are standup fighters.

Round 1. They exchange leg kicks early. Stann clinches and they grapple for position. Leben throws some big uppercuts from the clinch. As they break they both begin throwing big haymakers. Stann connects with a huge right punch that drops Leben and Leben is in huge trouble. Leben manages to get back up but Stann drops him again with a left. Leben tries to get up once more but is floored by a knee. Stann lands additional punches on the ground and the referee steps in to stop the fight.

Winner: Brian Stann, TKO, round 1.

UFC Lightweight Title: Frank Edgar (champion) vs. Gray Maynard (challenger)

Edgar, an undersized lightweight, has defeated many of the division's best fighters using a combination of speed, conditioning, precise striking and wrestling ability. His only MMA loss came to Maynard in 2008. Maynard has never lost an official MMA bout. Maynard will look to gain the lightweight title while Edgar will seek to avenge the sole blemish of his fighting career.

Round 1. Edgar lands the first blows of the fight with leg kicks. However, Maynard drops him with a punch and follows with a furious series of punches. Edgar at one point gets back to his feet but Maynard drops him again. He batters Edgar with a continuing barrage of punches. Edgar manages to survive but is still on wobbly legs halfway through the round. Edgar shoots for a desperation takedown. Edgar is bleeding heavily from the nose. Maynard drops him again with a pair of big hooks. Maynard follows as Edgar runs around the Octagon trying to get away. Edgar tries to fire back and hangs in there gamely as Maynard continues to push forward. You have to give Edgar tremendous credit for courage, but that fight should have been stopped. 10-7 Maynard.

Round 2. Edgar lands a leg kick and nice overhand right at the start of the round. Maynard doesn't appear to be out of gas after expending a tremendous amount of energy in the first round. Edgar lands another nice punching combination on Maynard. Maynard connects with a left to the jaw. Maynard looks for a takedown but Edgar defends it well. The crowd chants "Frankie." Maynard charges in and Edgar lifts him up with a beautiful slam. Maynard gets up quickly. Edgar uses a left punch to the body and right punch to the head that connects well. Maynard goes for a takedown but doesn't get it. This was a remarkable turnaround by Edgar. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 3. Edgar picks back up from round 2, landing a series of combinations while moving out of range of Maynard's striking attempts. Maynard grabs a leg and tries for a takedown but Edgar avoids it. Edgar lands a body kick and blocks another takedown attempt. Maynard connects with a hard right hook and Edgar begins bleeding from the nose again. Maynard looks for a takedown with 45 seconds left in the round. He gets Edgar down but Edgar stands back up. He takes Edgar down again. Edgar looks for a kimura but Maynard passes guard to get out of danger. Edgar then goes for a guillotine as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 4. Edgar shoots for a takedown. Maynard avoids it but as he tries to get up Edgar locks in what looks to be an extremely tight guillotine. Maynard is able to get out. Edgar then takes Maynard down. Maynard gets back up. Edgar tags him with an overhand right. Maynard goes for a takedown but Edgar blocks it. Maynard throws a few punches as Edgar separates. Edgar lands a knee. Edgar shoots for a takedown but Maynard defends it. Edgar throws a few hard punches to the head in the process. Edgar shoots for another takedown but doesn't get it. Edgar 10-9, 37-37 going into the final round.

Round 5.  Maynard lands a nice hook. Edgar responds with a punching combination to the body and head. Maynard follows with a pair of stiff hooks to the head. Maynard shoots for a takedown twice but doesn't come close. Edgar shoots for a takedown but Maynard blocks it. Each man looks for a takedown and is easily blocked. Maynard lands a nice jab that backs up Edgar. Edgar shoots for another takedown that's blocked. Maynard tries for his own and that is blocked. Edgar connects with a nice combination ending with a right to the jaw and moves out of danger. Maynard goes for one final takedown with 15 seconds left but doesn't get it. They exchange punches as the fight comes to a close. Really close round, really close fight. 10-9 Maynard, 47-46 Maynard.

Result: Draw (48-46, 46-48, 47-47).

--Todd Martin