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Postgame meltdowns: Vote for your all-time favorite [poll]

November 30, 2010 |  2:11 pm

We sports fans love a good postgame tirade, don't we? Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson gave us our first truly memorable meltdown of the season Monday night following his team's loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Of course, Anderson is not the first person involved in athletics to lose it in front of everyone after a game. Here are some of our favorite such moments -- Cardinals Coach Denny Green after a tough loss to the Bears, Indianapolis Colts Coach Jim Mora responding to a question about the playoffs, New York Jets Coach Herm Edwards explaining why you play the game and Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy standing up for one of his players.

And then there's Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens getting all choked up talking about his quarterback, Kansas City Royals Manager Hal McRae trashing his own office, Chicago Cubs Manager Lee Elia sticking up for his team against booing fans and, not to be outdone, our beloved Tommy Lasorda giving his thoughts on Dave Kingman's performance against the Dodgers in 1976.

Vote for the tirade you think is most memorable, then leave a comment telling us why. And if we left off your favorite, that's fine (or as Anderson would say, "That's fine ... that's fine ... that's fine ... that's fine ... that's fine!"). Just vote for "other," but be sure to let us know which one we forgot.

-- Chuck Schilken