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MMA fighter charged with murder, aggravated mayhem and torture

June 2, 2010 | 12:40 pm

Mixed-martial-arts fighter Jarrod Wyatt has been charged with murder, aggravated mayhem and torture in the death of his sparring partner Taylor Powell. A California judge upheld the charges Friday.

Wyatt and his attorney say he was on psychedelic drugs when he committed acts that allegedly include ripping out Powell's heart, cutting off his tongue and face and cooking the body parts in a wood stove. 

According to the Times-Standard of Eureka, Wyatt and Powell allegedly thought that God and the devil had possessed them for a final battle between good and evil. 

"Satan was in that dude," Wyatt said, according to police.

Wyatt won his only professional MMA fight back in January.

Read all of the details on the Bleacher Report. (Warning: Graphic and disturbing material.)

-- Chuck Schilken