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Everybody loves the Lakers, 90210-style

June 15, 2010 | 12:33 pm

Several friends and I were having an early dinner Sunday at a Beverly Hills Italian restaurant, chosen mostly because it was equidistant from all of us.

The place had televisions blasting the Lakers-Celtics game, and we sat outside, on a sheltered patio, next to another TV screen that was also tuned to the game.

Presently, my friend Judy pointed out that beyond the patio barrier a homeless couple, a woman with a man in a wheelchair, were looking at us. No, said my friend Nancy after some moments -- they're not looking at us. They're watching the game.

Sure enough -- they were fans.

What's a great game without some nosh? When we ordered our own food, we also ordered the house-special pizza. When it showed up at our table, I carried it out to the homeless fans beyond the patio walls.

They thanked us. That didn't surprise me. But our waiter, when he saw where that pizza had gone, thanked us too. A bit later, someone else brought some Starbucks brew over to the couple.

The Lakers lost. But it was indeed a great game.

-- Patt Morrison