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Lakers after deadline: Kobe's dad in the house

April 21, 2010 | 12:02 am

Kobe Bryant said he felt like he was in high school again after the Lakers' victory in Game 2 of their playoff series against the Thunder.

After all, dad was in the gym.

Well, one very big gym ... Staples Center.

Joe "Jellybean" Bryant said this was the first time he had seen his son play in person in five years, citing his job. "I'm a working coach," he said.

Though he was clearly thrilled to see Kobe in action, up close and in person on Tuesday night, Joe laughed, saying: "I like sitting home. Because I can curse. Have popcorn in my teeth, no cameras in my face."

Joe, talking with a small group of reporters, was asked if it was the same Kobe he knew and remembered.

"Yeah, I mean, shots come. You make shots and you miss shots," he said. "It's all part of the game. Just play defense. You play defense and you keep yourself in the game until you can make some shots. And it's gonna come back."

The basketball coach and proud father is one very proud grandfather, however.

"My wife and I are pretty cool. We kind of stay back," Joe said. "We've got six grandkids now and we really enjoy the grandkids. My wife and I, we've been together for 36 years. We've seen a lot of games. So it was cool. It's all good. We're just happy.

"He's married, kids, and as parents, that's cool. Like I said, all my kids are working. They have jobs. That's the best thing in the world, especially in this time."

-Lisa Dillman