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A Clipper blogger tries out for the Sparks' male scout team

April 27, 2010 | 11:18 am

Candace Clipper blogger D.J Foster recently tried out for the Sparks' male scout team because he wanted to know "who willingly signs up for a chance to get emasculated by WNBA players on a weekly basis."

That and he wanted to check out Candace Parker. (Guess nobody told him that she's still overseas.)

Sparks' assistant coach Steve Smith made the "wildly dysfunctional" hopefuls, ages 19 to 50, run endless sprint drills.

Even though Foster said he was about to "keel over and die" after 15 baseline to baseline sprints, he had a very fulfilling experience.

"I am glad that I was temporarily part of something, fleeting as it may have been," Foster said. "I am glad that I tried out for the Sparks men's practice team."

--Melissa Rohlin

Photo: Candace Parker. Credit: Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times.