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It must be rough to be Donovan McNabb

March 30, 2010 |  1:14 pm

Just think of everyone who has picked on him since he entered the NFL in 1999: Eagles fans, Terrell Owens, Rush Limbaugh, anyone who heard his comments about ties in NFL games ...



Not to mention all the injuries he's played through, all while leading Philadelphia to five NFC championship games and a Super Bowl.

And now there's all the trade rumors. Not a minute goes by that there is not a report about where McNabb is going to play next year, followed by another report denying the previous one.

Many teams have been mentioned as candidates, including the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams, but the potential McNabb destination of choice of the day (according to people writing about the story, not those actually involved in it) appears to be the Oakland Raiders.

But, wait! There's also a report on the Oakland Tribune website saying the Raiders haven't even talked to the Eagles about McNabb. See what I mean?

So not only does McNabb have to live in fear of playing for some of the lowliest teams in the NFL, he also has to endure all the constant speculation. It's not like he's Brett Favre or anything -- McNabb didn't bring this on himself. He wants to stay in Philadelphia.

But, then again, I'm sure McNabb can handle all of this. That's what he's been doing his whole career.

-- Chuck Schilken