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CNN poll results show support for college football playoff system

January 7, 2010 |  8:12 am

With the BCS national championship game hours away, it's time to renew the eternal debate over whether college football should adopt a playoff system.

A CNN poll released today shows 59% of college football fans surveyed believe a playoff system should determine who plays for the national championship. The results are based on telephone interviews with 463 Americans who consider themselves college football fans. Only 36% were in favor of the current bowl format (5% had no opinion).

Unfortunately, the poll was conducted Dec. 16-20 -- the time of year when bitter fans who can't believe their team is playing in the New Orleans or Emerald Bowl are yelling for a playoff system. Polls such as this one should be conducted in August when everyone's still oblivious to how bad their team is.

What do you think? Should there be a playoff system to determine a college football national champion?

-- Austin Knoblauch