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Manny Pacquiao on suggestions he used performance-enhancing drugs: 'Liars go to hell'

December 29, 2009 | 10:32 am

Manny With his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in jeopardy due to a disagreement over pre-fight drug testing, Manny Pacquiao responded today to suggestions that he has used performance-enhancing drugs.

During a radio interview in October, Mayweather Jr. insinuated Pacquiao may have used drugs due to the Philippines' supposed reputation for being a large producer of performance-enhancing drugs. Pacquiao has threatened to file a lawsuit against Mayweather over the remark. Floyd Mayweather Sr. and the boxer's uncle, Jeff Mayweather, have also suggested in interviews that Pacquiao may have used drugs.

"Liars go to hell. They should be man enough and own up to their words," Pacquiao said in a statement. "For including my country in the picture, claiming that we are the producers of the best performance-enhancing drugs, Mayweather and those who are guilty need to get punished, the sooner, the better, whether it be in the courts or the ring.

"Last week, I told Floyd Jr. to shut his big, pretty mouth and that we should fight so that the world will get to see who is the best fighter on the planet."

Pacquiao also reaffirmed his stance on the drug-testing issue:

"In all my years of fighting, I have never tested positive for any steroids or performance-enhancing drugs.... I will provide any specimen, whether it be blood or urine samples, just right after the fight but not a day or two before, for obvious reasons."

-- Austin Knoblauch


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Photo: Manny Pacquiao poses with his championship belts after defeating Miguel Cotto on Nov. 14. Credit: Gabriel Bouys / AFP/Getty Images