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LeBron James lets his shoes do the talking

December 31, 2009 | 12:37 pm

LeBron James Here's one from the burning-your-bridges department:

Leaked photos of LeBron James' new Nike shoe not only clash with his Cleveland Cavaliers uniform, but they also may indicate where he'll end up once he hits the free-agent market after the season.

The shoes have an undeniable New York Knicks look to them. And for those delusional Cavs fans who protest that the new foot tires are merely a retro celebration of the team's past colors, just look at the message at the bottom of the shoes: I-(LeBron's personal logo)-NY.

If we assume James loves his personal logo, then I think it's safe to assume where he wants to play next season.

Of course, why would James want to leave a team as good as Cavs to play on the Knicks? That's a question an expensive Nike marketing stunt will never be able to answer.

Plus, I wonder what James' Cavaliers teammates have to say about this? Has anyone read Shaq's tweets lately?

-- Austin Knoblauch

Photo: LeBron James shows his support for the New York Yankees during a playoff game against the Cleveland Indians in 2007. Credit: Amy Sancetta / Associated Press