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Clippers quotes of the night

October 27, 2009 | 11:30 pm

Yes, the Clippers do appear to be hitting mid-season form ... quote-wise.

-- Coach Mike Dunleavy, finally getting exasperated by the constant Blake Griffin questions but said, joking: "The kid didn't die. He"ll be back in six weeks. He's in the lockerroom. We saw him....

"We put our arms around him. We hugged him. We kissed him. He's going to be back... The kid's going to be fine."

-- Point guard Baron Davis, refusing to discuss the alleged Clippers curse:

"It would be like someone wishing writers' block on you when you're on deadline," Davis said.

-- Center Chris Kaman, on new teammate Craig Smith:

"I think Craig hurt the Lakers the last time we played them, and I think he did a good job tonight. We didn't go to him enough. He started getting on a roll and we kind of went away from it. I don't understand it sometimes."

-- Smith on the injured Griffin:

"It's not like he's going to be done for the year," Smith said. "He'll be back."

-- Kaman on last season:

"I didn't play much last year. But it was miserable to watch. I think we have a renewed focus this year."

-- Lisa Dillman