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Mayweather vs. Marquez live: Mayweather wins by unanimous decision

September 19, 2009 |  9:30 pm


Judges scores: 119-109, 120-107, 119-108. Mayweather wins by unanimous decision. More to come soon on

Final round

Roar of applause for both fighters, for brilliance and heroism. Mayweather unscratched on face. Marquez worn. Marquez tries combos, fails. Mayweather jabs. Takes left to body, windown down clock. Mayweather jab, jab. Marquez misses left uppercut. Mayweather gets in good left. Marquez can't hit him in last seconds. He wants to after bell, Mayweather looks at him. Light embrace. Mayweather win by decision should be announced shortly.

Mayweather 10-9

Eleventh round

More Mayweather jabs. Marquez's grisly face shows the toll. Nice right-left by Mayweather. Mayweather ducks away from Marquez tries. Big right backs up Marquez. Nice attack in corner by Mayweather. Marquez still trying in vain. Mayweather delivers vicious combo, adds another shot to head before bell.

Mayweather 10-9

Tenth round

Stiff right by Mayweather to face. Marquez can't move fast enough to find good blow. Big right by Mayweather. Big right, nice left uppercut by Mayweather. Marquez tiring. Mayweather looks like he can take another 1 a.m. run this morning. Marquez left eye is puffy. Two good hits by Mayweather. Marquez bruised under the left eye. Big, big right by Mayweather at bell. He's dancing before taking a seat on stool. That kind of night.

Mayweather 10-9

Ninth round

Good left to head by Floyd. Mayweather jab follows Marquez right. Mayweather defense a sight to behold. Mayweather jabs. He ducks. Head combo by Mayweather. Great right and left by Mayweather. Smiles at Marquez, pounds trwo jabs in his face. One more big jab to nose to end round.

Mayweather 10-9

Eighth round

Marquez combo try fails to do anything. Mayweather jabbing away. Nice right by Mayweather after skirting Marquez punch. Wait and hit, that's what Floyd's doing. Tries body. Nice left-right by Marquez. Marquez lands body combo on Mayweather, he leans back into ropes and takes it.

Marquez 10-9

Seventh round

Mayweather snapping jabs off. Marquez doesn't have reach to land jab on Mayweather's mug. Big left by Mayweather, nice right by Marquez. Good shots back to back by Marquez. Two scoring jabs by Money. Nice left to head by Marquez in Marquez corner. Mayweather scoring left. Close round. Mayweather's defense gives him the edge.

Mayweather 10-9

Sixth round

Nice left and duck by Mayweather. Left to chest by Marquez, soft. Chants of Mexico! Marquez wants to throw left hard, but Mayweather backs away. Ducks under a Marquez right. Brilliant defense. Scoring jab by Mayweather.Good body combo by Marquez. Marquez has a bloody nose. Big right by Mayweather to nose. Hard left to face by Mayweather.

Mayweather 10-9.

Fifth round

Marquez throwing left, starts more aggressive. Mayweather grins. Overhand right by Marquez as Mayweather darts for inside blow. Marquez throws five punches and misses all. Nice left by Mayweather. Fast right-left pops by "Money." Good left by Mayweather. Another good left by Mayweather. Marquez fighting back, but looking more tired.

Mayweather 10-9.

Fourth round

Schwarzenegger booed on big screen. Mayweather jabs. Marquez tries to unleash right. Holding. Marquez soft right to body. Nice jab by Mayweather. Nice clean right to head by Marquez. Mayweather still as skilled defensively as ever. Marquez slips after right. Marquez cut over right eye.

Marquez 10-9

Third Round

Mayweather misses jab. Leading with jab, like dad told him. Nice left by Marquez to head. Big stiff right by Mayweather to face. Overhand right by Marquez. Soft jab by Mayweather. Nice left by Mayweather as Marquez charges in. Glancing right by Marquez.Left uppercut by Marquez. Jab by Mayweather, who smiled at Marquez during round.

Mayweather 10-9

Second Round

Marquez hits Mayweather in chin with right. Mayweather clearly bigger man. Big right to face by Marquez. Mayweather drops Marquez with quick, strong left hook. Another nice left hook by Mayweather. Chants of USA! Mayweather ducks Marquez blows, he's too fast. Marquez is clear-eyed, looking for opening.

Mayweather 10-8.

First round:

News from HBO that Marquez weighs a personal-high 148 pounds on the network's scales, but Mayweather, who suffered a $600,000 penalty for coming in two pounds over the agreed upon limit Friday, declined to be weighed.

The ringside celebrities include Magic Johnson, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shane Mosley and George Lopez.

MGM official just announces there's been late money bet on Marquez, dropping the odds on him below 4-to-1 to making Mayweather a minus-350 favorite.

Marquez enters to dominant support from capacity crowd at MGM in Las Vegas. Mayweather, in first fight in 21 months, draws loud chorus of boos with some cheering as pro wrestling star Triple H accompanies him to ring along with his father, Floyd Sr., who whispers a few last-second words and hugs his son.

Mayweather tries jab, misses. Jostling. Marquez sneaks left to belly. Mayweather misses left. He holds Marquez left.Marquez blocks left. Mayweather lands soft right. Marquez rallies. Cheers. Two lefts by Marquez.

Marquez, 10-9.


Update at 8:40. Ring introductions are underway. Fight will start momentarily.


Update at 8:15: Last undercard fight is still going. We're looking at 8:30 at the earliest for Mayweather Marquez, more than likely 8:45.


Update at 7:30. Still looking at an approximate 8 p.m. Pacific start.


Update  at 7 p.m.: There are still two undercard fights before the main event. First one is in the sixth round and is scheduled for 12. Second one is also scheduled for 12. So we are looking at a probably 8 p.m Pacific start at the earliest for the Mayweather-Marquez fight.


Lance Pugmire's pre-fight analysis. Fight will start between 7:30 and 8 p.m. Pacific Time:

Since he last fought 21 months ago, unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. has watched Manny Pacquiao surpass him as the boxer considered the world’s best with a 2008 fighter of the year award and a second-round flooring in May of Ricky Hatton, the same man dropped by Mayweather in December 2007 in 10 rounds. Mayweather’s confidence hasn’t diminished with the layoff and he stepped into MGM Grand Saturday night as more than a 4-to-1 favorite against world lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez. At Friday’s weigh-in, Marquez weighed a personal-high 142 pounds to Mayweather’s 146. Though Mayweather’s weight cost him a $600,000 penalty paid to Marquez, he was expected to pack on even more weight before fight night, causing some astute boxing followers to surmise Mayweather – getting paid a guaranteed purse of $10 million – merely bought himself a weight edge against his Mexican foe. Marquez shrugged off the disadvantage Friday. Now, we’ll see if the difference makes a difference.


This is the place to be for live coverage of the Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez fight, one of the most anticipated fights of the year.

Our own Lance Pugmire is in Las Vegas, and will be posting recaps after each round right here.

With each round will be a poll for you to decide who you think won that round, plus you can use our comment board to talk to other watching the fight across the country.

Check back later for our live coverage, starting with a pre-fight quick analysis by Pugmire. The fight is scheduled to begin sometime between 7:30 and 8.