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Foot fault caused Roger Federer to lose U.S. Open final

September 17, 2009 | 12:18 pm


Finally, we know the real reason why Roger Federer lost the U.S. Open final to Argentina's Juan Martin del Potro.

It wasn't the Swiss player's forehand, his backhand or any other kind of hand.

It was his feet.

Giles Smith, writing in The Times of London, explains:

"How to explain Roger Federer's collapse from a seemingly unassailable position? All sorts of theories will be propounded, but at the moment we find ourselves taking a long, hard look at those black socks and black shoes.

"Of all the sartorial indiscretions committed by the Swiss in his storied career (including but not limited to his decision to walk out at this year's Wimbledon dressed as a handbag), this one was arguably the most guileless. Black shoes with black socks? Years of experience teach us, that's not the look of a winner. That's the look of someone who forgot his gym kit.

"Sort it, Rog, or face never being a champion again."

-- Grahame L. Jones

Photo: Roger Federer. Credit: Emmanuel Denand / AFP.