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Today's question: Brett Favre's return -- good or bad?

August 18, 2009 |  9:55 am

Favre_240 So, Brett Favre is apparently ready to unretire for a third time. Here's the question of the day:

Is the saga of Brett Favre retiring and returning and then doing it again a case of someone holding on too long, or does he still bring value to an NFL team?

Times NFL expert Sam Farmer has his opinion:

Favre was legendary in Green Bay for his fourth-quarter comebacks. Now, he’s threatening his own record, although these aren’t the kind of “comebacks” anyone will remember fondly.

That said, he does bring enormous value to the Vikings, even before he takes his first snap. Remember, this is a franchise that needed an extension from the NFL last season to avoid a blackout – for a playoff game. The Vikings need to put fannies in the seats, and Favre is guaranteed to do that.

He also brings value on the field, provided it was his bum throwing arm that made him play so poorly at the end of last season. He knows the Vikings offense very well (he was guessing half the time with the Jets), and instantly makes Minnesota a Super Bowl contender. If he doesn’t change his mind on the drive to Mankato, that is. If he does hang a U-turn, watch for him to come back next month.

What do you think?

--Mike James

Photo: Brett Favre waits on the sideline before taking the field against the Oakland Raiders last October. Photo credit: Tony Avelar / Associated Press.