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USC's Carroll says NCAA investigation is old news

June 2, 2009 |  5:56 pm

Appearing at a booster event Monday in Pasadena, Pete Carroll was asked about a Los Angeles Times story published Sunday examining USC's policies concerning an NCAA investigation into allegations against the Trojans' football and men's basketball programs.

The story said USC had not directly interviewed at least two of its main accusers, and pointed out that school personnel were under instructions not to talk publicly about issues connected to the investigation.

Said Carroll: "We did everything three years ago and we haven't been asked anything to update the situation. The NCAA hasn't asked a question or revisited the matter. It's all been done."

Carroll and basketball Coach Tim Floyd were asked where the investigation had become an issue in recruiting.

Floyd, who has lost at least three top recruits in the last month or so, did not respond to the question. Carroll said opposing recruiters are, "saying we're going to be ineligible for bowl games and trying to cause concerns in the parents. We try to be honest with them and tell them what we know."

He added that other teams "are always trying to find ways to get you."

-- Chris Foster