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Margarito lawyers planning appeal

April 1, 2009 |  8:05 pm

Margarito Antonio Margarito's promoter Bob Arum has seen the state Department of Justice report analyzing a gauze pad the fighter was to wear into his Jan. 24 fight with Shane Mosley, and said the details prove Margarito's license revocation was "total, complete [nonsense]."

Arum seized on a line in the report that noted the gauze pad contained calcium and sulfur, key elements found in plaster of Paris, but also noted "these .... elements are also found in substances other than plaster."

Arum's attorneys say they are planning an appeal and that their investigation into the matter is proceeding.

Arum, however, said the attorneys have told him sulfur and calcium are also contained in "cream you put on your hands, a commonly used hand cream."

A scan of the Internet did reveal that at least one hand cream contains sulfur, calcium and several other ingredients. Arum contends the hand cream theory is consistent with suspended Margarito trainer Javier Capetillo's point that the tainted hand wrap inserts accidentally ended up in his training bag because they were discarded after being used by a fighter in his Montebello gym.

"It could very well be that this is the residue of hand cream," Arum said. "This exposes the fact there is no case here."

Yet, Supervising Deputy Attorney General Karen Chappelle, who convinced the California State Athletic Commission to suspend Margarito, has said Margarito violated the rules because only gauze and tape are allowed in hand wraps.

This week, Arum fighter Manny Pacquiao said Margarito, "Of course knows what's in his hand." And Ricky Hatton added, "You know what's in your hand wrap. Some serious damage could've been done. He deserves serious punishment." 

The attorneys are waiting on a written decision by the California State Athletic Commission before filing their appeal. Margarito will probably not fight until next year because of the license revocation.

-- Lance Pugmire

Photo: Antonio Margarito hits Shane Mosley during their WBA welterweight title fight on Jan. 24. Credit: Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images