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Brian Bosworth + Chopper = Bust. Again.

March 6, 2009 |  3:44 pm

Brian Bosworth on a motorcycle in 1997 as, appropriately, the character John Lawless. Former college football star Brian Bosworth was arrested on Friday, suspected of driving under the influence. He was cruising Hollywood Boulevard on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, giving him three lifetime busts with a chopper -- but apparently just his first bust involving the legal system.

After a stellar, though controversial, career as a linebacker with the University of Oklahoma, "The Boz" signed with the Seattle Seahawks in 1987 for the largest NFL rookie contract in history (at the time). He showed up at his first practice in a helicopter, and would go on to play in only 24 games. In 2004, ESPN named him the sixth-biggest flop in the last 25 years (fans voted him third). The NFL Network also placed Bosworth at third on their list of Top 10 Draft Busts.

In 1991, The Boz inadvertently used a chopper (Harley variety) like a missile in order to take down a chopper (flying variety) in the action-packed movie "Stone Cold." We can't link to the clip due to language, but you're welcome to search for "Stone Cold motorcycle helicopter explosion" on YouTube. Bosworth's acting career went straight to DVD from there, until he peaked as a prison guard in the 2005 remake of "The Longest Yard."

Ideally, we were hoping to only hear about Bosworth in rare, touching stories -- like rescuing people from car wrecks or mentoring his two nephews who play football at UCLA. A DUI doesn't seem like a good reason to propel his name back into the headlines, but, lo and behold, "Brian Bosworth" is the third-hottest search term on the internet today according to Google Trends.

Behold the power of TMZ!

-- Adam Rose

Photo: Brian Bosworth on a motorcycle in 1997 as, appropriately, the character John Lawless. Credit: Michael Lavine / Twentieth Century Fox.