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The good and bad for Antonio Margarito

February 10, 2009 | 12:19 pm

The California State Athletic Commission hearing to determine Antonio Margarito's fighting future has continued past the noon hour.

Margarito and his trainer, Javier Capetillo, temporarily suspended for having illegal hand wraps before the Jan. 24 welterweight title fight against Shane Mosley, could have their licenses revoked, said Karen B. Chappelle, the supervising deputy attorney general prosecuting the men.

State inspector Mike Bray revealed what he witnessed of the "illegal" pads hidden in knuckle wraps.

"There was a blood stain on the corner of the pad; [it was] moist and dirty looking with a white substance smeared across the pad, like a cast plaster ... I can see a substance smeared in the middle of this pad," Bray said, reading from notes he'd filed about the inspection.

Earlier, Chappelle attempted to introduce a claim that the pads were worn by Margarito in his July TKO victory over Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas, but the commission said that point lacked relevance.

Margarito and Capetillo's attorneys pointed to chain of custody issues with the pads after they were recovered from Margarito's hands, drawing testimony that three people in Mosley's dressing room touched the pads.

Chappelle noted the pads had already been ruled illegal and inspector Dean Lohuis read the rule that was allegedly violated: "The use of water or any liquid or material on any part of the hand wrap is strictly prohibited."

Margarito's attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, had another inspector acknowledge that "there didn't seem to be foul play on the part of Margarito. He didn't show me anything to show me he knew what was going on."

Margarito is taking the stand now.

-- Lance Pugmire