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Pac 10 refs need to be road wary, Tim Floyd says

February 19, 2009 | 12:45 pm

Tim Floyd, right, yells at official Dick Cartmell, left, as USC guard Dwight Lewis, center, separates the two during Sunday's game against Arizona State.

USC basketball coach Tim Floyd seems to have a reasonable request in the wake of the referee competency issue swirling around the Pacific 10 Conference.

There have been more than a few questionable calls this season and, while Floyd would not talk specifically about any one game (fearing fines and sanctions, or even a snippy press release, from the conference), he did make this one point.

"I can only speak for what coaches demand, and that's strength on the road," Floyd said. "Like players, it's easy to be strong at home. It's hard to be strong on the road."

In other words, conference referees should realize it has been years since anyone in their profession has been run out of the building by a cranky home crowd.

-- Chris Foster

Photo: Tim Floyd yells at official Dick Cartmell as USC guard Dwight Lewis separates the two during Sunday's game against Arizona State. Credit: Paul Connors / Associated Press