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Michael Jordan for the Basketball Hall of Fame? Really?

February 18, 2009 |  4:36 pm

Michael Jordan, right, and Scottie Pippen.

In a startling bit of news from the NBA All-Star weekend, the list of 16 nominees for the Basketball Hall of Fame includes the name "Michael Jordan."

That means Michael Jordan would be a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

Can you imagine, you know, the meeting on this? Can you picture when the Honors Committee -- former players, basketball executives, reporters, others -- actually begins to discuss and weigh the merits of Jordan as a potential enshrinee for the Hall of Fame?

According to the Hall of Fame, "The purpose of the Honors Committee is to review carefully a candidate's basketball record before casting a vote in favor of enshrining the person into the Basketball Hall of Fame."

Imagine when they begin to "review carefully" Jordan's "basketball record." How long will this review require? Will it require 15 minutes, 10 seconds, five seconds, one millisecond?

Will there be vigorous debate, maybe even some sort of kerfuffle? Or, wait, wait, will there be some sort of contrarian in the room, somebody who just needs, you know, more time to ponder inclusion for Michael Jordan? Will somebody say, You know, I say the jury is still out, because I really just have to mull those two baseball years?

According to the Associated Press, Jordan would have to get 18 of 24 votes for enshrinement.


What a donnybrook this figures to be.

-- Chuck Culpepper

Photo: Chicago Bulls greats Michael Jordan, right, and Scottie Pippen are shown during a Feb. 10 celebration to honor longtime Bulls' broadcaster and original head Coach Johnny 'Red' Kerr. Credit: M. Spencer Green / Associated Press