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Lance Armstrong on his anti-doping program

January 21, 2009 | 10:30 am


ADELAIDE, Australia -- Just because he's good, and chatty, here's some extra Lance Armstrong quotes from post-Stage 2 at Tour Down Under, most notably about whether, as he's said in the past, he will make public the results of his doping testing program that is being run by Dr. Don Catlin, chief science officer of the Anti-Doping Sciences Institute in L.A.

"I think we will still publish the data," Armstrong said. "As you know, what do you publish? Do you start publishing blood values? Ivan Basso is publishing his blood values. Say, for example, you go to altitude for a month. All of a sudden that blood value goes to 46 from 41, so you must have cheated. That's not normal. I actually sat down with a fellow from Cyclesport who says, 'Our physio says it's impossible for (the blood level) to rise during the season.' Are you kidding me? If you go to altitude or you get sick or dehydrated, it's not going to rise? If you do publish that, you open yourself up to all this other criticism. I will rely on what Don Catlin wants to publish, but we will definitely publish data and information."

Armstrong said he is being tested every third day under Catlin's program and that since he's been here at the Tour Down Under, he has also been tested once by race officials.

-- Diane Pucin

Photo: Lance Armstrong before Stage 2 got underway. Credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images