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Pac-10 can't beat Big 12 on 'The Amazing Race'

December 10, 2008 |  6:05 pm

Starr and Nick, sister and brother, sprint to the finish line I'm just catching up on my viewing of "The Amazing Race 13" and, in a roundabout way (which is the way the Arizona State frat boys team of Dan and Andrew often seemed to travel), the Pacific 10 Conference didn't represent at the end, even with home-court advantage.

Three teams had made it to the final leg, which started in Moscow and ended in Portland, Ore. Competing were brother-sister Nick and Starr (Starr is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader so I considered them the Big 12 team); separated husband and wife Ken and Tina Greene (Ken both played football and coached for Washington State, so there's the Pac-10); plus the Sun Devils frat boys Dan Honig and Andrew Lappitt, also Pac-10.

But who figured out their way around Portland, found the Bridge of the Gods, Voodoo Doughnut (c'mon, you frat boys, it's doughnuts, after all!) and the final pit stop, Pittock Mansion?

Of course, the Big 12 team. So Nick and Starr, who hug a lot for a brother and a sister, won the $1 million first prize.

But Ken and Tina, who had separated because of Ken's cheating, put their wedding rings back on after they finished second. Ken and Tina, however, hugged less than Nick and Starr.

Dan and Andrew, or Dandrew as they were nicknamed, suggested that they were representing frat boys everywhere and that third place was great. Arizona State motto -- We Love Third.

Best news, though, is that there will be TAR 14. Waiting eaglerly.

-- Diane Pucin

Photo: Starr and Nick, sister and brother, sprint to the finish line in Portland, Ore., to win the reality show's $1-million prize in the season finale of "The Amazing Race 13" which aired Sunday. Credit: CBS