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Pete Carroll stands by comments on voting for Obama

November 4, 2008 | 10:32 pm

Do football and politics mix?

Apparently not for some college football fans.

On Monday, I reported that USC Coach Pete Carroll had encouraged his players to vote in Tuesday's election. That did not seem to cause much of a reaction.

But in the same story I wrote that Carroll said he would vote for Barack Obama for president. That drew the ire of several readers.

For example, one reader referenced the Trojans' No. 7 spot in the Bowl Championship Series standings when he wrote:

"Actors and actresses who announce their choice really don't control anything ... just somebody's wallet in Hollywood. Others who announce a choice, simply announce a choice, without any influence over the general electorate.

"Again, the current #7 man made a mistake. It may well be like his season ... not a #1 move."

Wrote another: "I wonder how Pete would like it if Obama took some of his wins away and 'redistributed' them to programs that have not been as fortunate."

And this: "Here's hoping he takes the 49er coaching position ... even if he might have to pay more income tax."

After practice Tuesday, I asked Carroll about the reaction and whether he had any regrets about making his voting plans known.

He did not.

"I'm just a regular citizen," he said. "When asked a question, I don't mind saying I felt strongly about my opinion.

"You can ask me all kinds of things. A lot of times, I don't have a good opinion. But  if I do, I don't mind telling you."

--Gary Klein