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Last call: Where is Perry Saturn?

November 10, 2008 | 10:30 pm

Saturn Where is Perry Saturn? His fans want to know. Is he alive? Is he dead?

Pro wrestling is an odd enough world, filled with interesting characters and outlandish storylines, but though it is almost 100% scripted, the story of Perry Saturn has become all too real.

Perry Saturn was born Perry Satullo in Cleveland in 1967. After growing up with an abusive stepfather and spending time in numerous detention centers, Satullo saw an ad in the magazine Pro Wrestling Illustrated for a school that would train him to become a pro wrestler. The school was run by legendary wrestler Killer Kowalski, and Perry Satullo became one of his prized pupils.

Satullo took the name Perry Saturn and became a successful pro wrestler. He won the ECW tag-team championship three times with his partner, John Kronus. He also won the WCW tag team titles twice and was WCW TV champion at one time.

Saturnmoppy Saturn found his widest fame with the World Wrestling Federation, winning the European and Hardcore titles. He was best known for receiving a severe concussion (in storyline form, not in real life). The resulting head injury caused him to develop an infatuation with a mop, which he named "Moppy." (Think Tom Hanks and the volleyball "Wilson" in "Cast Away"). Soon after "Moppy" met an unfortunate end in a wood chipper, Saturn left WWF (which is now the WWE).

Saturn spent the next couple of years bouncing around independent wrestling organizations around the country.

And then, in 2003, he dropped out of sight. No one has seen him since then. And this wasn't part of a storyline. Perry Satullo has simply disappeared. Longtime friends can't find him. Neither of his ex-wives can find him. He has disappeared.

Some of his closest friends actually believe him to be dead, but no one has proof one way or the other. Many of his friends were hopeful that he would turn up at Killer Kowalski's funeral in June. After all, Saturn looked at Kowalski as a father figure. But he didn't show, and Saturn's location was the No. 1 topic of conversation after the funeral with a number of his friends saying they didn't believe he was still alive.

In the most recent issue of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer writes that Saturn's last known location was Mason City, Iowa, where he was spotted 18 months ago. The best rumor now is he is living and working at a door manufacturing plant in Albert Lea, Minn., which is 30 minutes from Mason City. Calls to the plant go unanswered. So, the mystery remains.

Where is Perry Saturn? If you're out there Perry Satullo, your friends and family want to know you are OK.

-- Houston Mitchell