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Amazing (Race) comeback for Ken and Tina; 'Dancing' now serious

November 10, 2008 |  5:00 pm

Nick and StarrSpangler When last we left former NFL defensive back and ex-Washington State assistant football coach Ken Greene and his ex-wife, Tina, they had finished last in the Amazing Race 13 edition, but luckily for them that finish was on a non-elimination leg.

Despite being saddled with an extra task in the most recent episode, Ken and Tina finished fourth of the six remaining teams. The pair was even helpful to the fifth-place team, Dan and Andrew, the Arizona State frat brothers whose easy-going and nonintellectual approach to almost everything is working surprisingly well.

As far as rooting interests, I'm down to anybody but the brother-sister team of Nick and Starr Spangler (she's the flirty Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, he's a wannabe actor who has appeared on Broadway) and the dating couple Terence Gerchberg and Sarah Leshner.

Gerchberg, who is a running coach, might be the whiniest competitor ever on "TAR." He whines when he does a task, he whines when Sarah does a task. He would be the worst running coach I would think. Nick and Starr are just too much the performers, as if winning the show is their due for being so cute, talented and related. But they've won two legs in a row.

Up next on my reality show must-watch list is tonight's performance portion of "Dancing With the Stars." Now that Cloris Leachman, 82, and Susan Lucci, 61, have been eliminated, the competition is really all about the competition and almost not at all about the entertainment value. Which means Warren Sapp had better start taking the training more seriously. Judges have been dinging him the last couple of weeks for coasting on his natural athletic talent.

-- Diane Pucin

Photo: Brother and sister Nick and Starr Spangler. Credit: CBS