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Wake-up Call: Vladimir Guerrero, Kevin Youkilis, Randy Moss

October 2, 2008 |  9:04 am

Vladimir Guerrero, running to third when he shouldn't have, is tagged out by Mike Lowell in the eighth inning.

First things first: Cubs fans are either not watching or moaning in their pizza and Torrebobblebeer over the Dodgers 7-2 victory (maybe bringing out my Joe Torre bobblehead worked ...) Game 2 is today at 6:30 Pacific time on TBS. While our Sports cover (paper version) featured a picture of Manny Ramirez hitting his home run, James Loney hitting his grand slam deserved that spot (and you know how I love Manny). And let's not forget Derek Lowe, who pitched so well. By the way, Mike Downey has a pretty good column today. But it might leave Cubs fans depressed ...

Meanwhile: Angels fans are asking: Vlade, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Vladimir Guerrero's base-running blunder in last night's loss to the Red Sox was, well, brainless. Someone should remind him he is S-L-O-W. Vlade, when you see first baseman Kevin Youkilis with the ball 150 feet away from third, don't think you can run 90 feet and beat his throw. Don't even think you can run 80 feet (see photo above). But here is why you still gotta love Vlade (seen here in a game against the Yankees):

Speaking of Youkilis: Why does he bounce when he is at bat? Somehow I never noticed that before. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Listed as 6-1 and a hefty 220, it helps to be ready to move. But then he also likes to bounce.

Related note: Times staff writer Ben Bolch was irritated by the new clappers Angels fans had last night. Now, if only the Red Sox would get irritated ....

Poor Tim Donaghy: A report released this morning found no evidence of illegal gambling by any referee other than by Tim Donaghy. But the NBA-commissioned report by former federal prosecutor Lawrence Pedowitz said the league’s anti-gambling rules need to be strengthened and better enforced. No kidding. And, of course, Stern said all the right things in his response. I haven't looked at the full report yet but if it found so little evidence of gambling, why does it have to be 116 pages long?

In denial mode: Patriots Coach Bill Belichick denied that New England had a workout with Randy Moss before obtaining him in a trade with Oakland. Because that would be tampering, something Raiders owner Al Davis claimed after that awful (as in frightening) press conference of his on Tuesday. But Belichick said: "I’ve told the story about Randy many, many times, and the first time I ever talked to Randy was the Sunday morning of the second day of the draft last year. So that’s the first time I met him. That’s the first time I talked to him. There was no workout. There was no other contact with him." I believe Bill.

-- Debbie Goffa

Photo: Vladimir Guerrero, running to third when he shouldn't have, is tagged out by Mike Lowell in the eighth inning. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times