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'Monday Night Raw' recap: The Big Show speaks the truth

May 29, 2012 |  7:38 am


This week's "Monday Night Raw" featured a giant explanation for why The Big Show knocked out John Cena twice last week.

If you remember, The Big Show was fired two weeks ago by John Laurinaitis, executive vice president of talent relations and permanent general manager of "Raw" and "Smackdown." Big Show even got down on his knees and cried, begging for his job, but was fired anyway -- which made it all the more shocking when he helped Laurinaitis defeat Cena in last week's pay-per-view event, then closed last week's Raw by knocking Cena out with one punch.

This week was the explanation. And it made total sense. You see, a moment after Big Show was fired on "Raw" two weeks ago, Brodus Clay came out and danced on the show. The show then ended with Cena basically doing a comedy routine with Laurinaitis. All this coming in the hour after Big Show was on his knees, crying and begging for his job.

That, according to Show, is what sent him over the edge. That is what made him knock Cena out twice. That is what made him destroy Clay at the end of this week's "Monday Night Raw." And who can blame him?

Pretend for a moment that you are wrongfully and publicly fired at your job, moments before an office party is to begin. And then the party goes on with nary a mention among your friends of the injustice that just took place. And then, your supposed good friend does a stand-up comedy routine with the person who just fired you. You'd be a little upset.

And that is what made last night's episode of "Raw" so effective. Believability. It's much easier to invest your emotions in a story line if it makes sense. And Big Show being mad at John Cena and the rest of the WWE superstars makes total sense.

That is what made last night's "Monday Night Raw" a good episode, and that is what the WWE needs to keep in mind for all of its story lines.


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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: The Big Show explains why he is an unhappy giant. Credit: WWE