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'Monday Night Raw' recap: John Cena vs. The Big Show

May 22, 2012 |  8:33 am


So there I was, watching "Monday Night Raw," when I had an epiphany about John Cena, who I respect a great deal but who annoys me to no end as a character: He's not meant for my enjoyment.

You see, in the WWE's "Over the Limit" pay-per-view event on Sunday, Cena took on the executive vice president of talent relations and permanent general manager of Raw and Smackdown, John Laurinaitis. I have to admit I did not order the event, but read about the results online. Turns out Cena had the match about won when the world's largest athlete, The Big Show, knocked him out cold with one punch, thereby getting his job back after being fired by Laurinaitis during last Monday's "Raw."

Last night, the WWE showed still photos of the event at the beginning of "Raw." My daughter watched with me as photos flashed by of Big Show knocking out Cena, and got mad at Big Show.

You see, the John Cena character, with his over-the-top facial expressions, his joking interviews where he never takes anything seriously, isn't designed to appeal to me. He's designed for kids. Go to a live show and there are kids everywhere with Cena shirts on. Look in the audience and kids get genuinely concerned when Cena loses or gets beat up.

And now, The Big Show, all 7-feet-4, 500 pounds of him, probably the largest person any kid has seen, has targeted their hero. How can Cena beat someone that big? My daughter told me we definitely have to get the next pay-per-view, because she wants to see what happens. So while I sit there and say to myself "What? The Big Show in a main event? Isn't there anyone new they can give a push to?", kids are out there wondering how their hero will survive. And he will. And kids will learn you can overcome any obstacle set in front of you if you follow the motto "Never Give Up."

All in all, not a bad lesson to learn. So John Cena, continue what you are doing. Don't listen to jaded, snarky past-their-prime Internet guys. Listen to the kids.


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-- Houston Mitchell  

Photo: The Big Show just knocked out John Cena with one punch. Credit: WWE