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'The Voice' recap: Four depart from teams Adam and Cee Lo

April 11, 2012 |  5:10 am

Gotta hand it to "The Voice." It does its elimination shows well. On Tuesday night, viewers were treated to better performances by virtually all of the contestants who sang than they were during the actual performance show on Monday night.

During a look back at the previous night's performances, Adam Levine reiterated what we all knew anyway. There were moments when his team had made him proud, he said, and others when he felt they had let him down. He was, he admitted, "a little jealous" of Cee Lo Green's team at times. Green, meanwhile, just glowed, saying his team had blown the roof off the joint.

The net result for both teams, however, would be the same Tuesday. America had voted three singers from each team of six through, and after the voting results were revealed, the team's coach/judge would select one more to save, sending two of his team members home.

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After Jessie J, who is a coach/judge on the U.K. version of "The Voice," sang her hit song "Domino" -- wearing mismatched epaulets, a sheer film of a skirt and fabulous high-heeled red booties -- with backing from Team Christina, Carson Daly filled us in on how the vote had gone. (Though not before the camera found Arsenio Hall in the audience in a moment that felt surreal, but which makes more sense when you realize Hall is competing on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" this season.)

Team Adam got the news first. Levine reminded them that, though they had arrived at "the part of the process that's so unnatural and strange," they should remember that the show is a game and that "beyond the game, there is a career."

Then Daly revealed that the audience had voted to save Mathai, Tony Lucca and Pip. That meant Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis and Katrina Parker would compete for Levine's save. (Clearly the audience is not fond of people whose names start with K…)

Then Team Cee Lo reminded his team that they, too, had "great futures ahead no matter what happens" and told them, not at all convincingly, that if one of them won, they all won. They were left to puzzle that out as they placed their heads on the chopping block.

America's saves went to Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers (who, perhaps significantly, was wearing a hat bearing the word FAME) and James Massone. The "ladies," it seemed, had loved Massone right back.

Cheesa, Tony Vincent and Erin Martin would sing for the save.

From Team Adam, Yarbrough gave a solid but not rousing rendition of "Spotlight," and Davis whisper-sang "I Can't Make You Love Me," which proved to be an apt choice. Then Parker, who I would totally have saved over Pip in the first place, sang "Don't Speak," reminding us why we've admired her vocal tone since the battle rounds, if not before. All three other judges gave the win to Parker. Then, after a quick pep talk, Levine had to make his decision. And his choice was … Parker.

Competing for Green's save, Vincent did his trademark creepy Broadway-villain-in-eyeliner thing on "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This." Then Cheesa stepped out and, after starting out breathy, really seemed to sing with all she had on "All By Myself," leaving Green nodding. Martin never really had a chance, but she did a better version of "Your Song" than you might have expected, treating us to one more chance to contemplate the peculiar way she pronounces her words -- or "wayerds," in Martin-speak.

Yeah, Cheesa took it –- Green went with his heart, though his "mind says Tony" -- but not before Aguilera gave Vincent a little kick ("Your name's Tony, right?") and Levine gave one of his speeches.

"I'm a little pissed off," Levine told Green's team. "Why did it take this long for you to sing like it was your last chance?" All three had done the best he had ever seen them do, and he felt like it had been too late. He put all the other contestants on notice. That sort of high-impact, high-stakes performance has "gotta be the standard for the rest of the show," he said.

Sounds good to me.

What did you think of Tuesday's "Voice" results?

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-- Amy Reiter