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'The Biggest Loser' recap: Dolvett unleashes the Jeremy-inator

April 25, 2012 |  8:33 am

Jeremy on the Biggest_Loser
So all that for...nothing? After much drama, weigh ins, and challenges, "The Biggest Loser" final three stands at this: Kim, Jeremy and -- say it with me, ugh! -- "Ana-Conda."

As we look down the barrel of the Season 13 finale, it all feels a little clipped. The turmoil unleashed from the entitled Final Five still feels unresolved. Were the players really pouting and protesting that it "wasn't fair" that eliminated players -- including Mark's son, Chism and Buddy's brother Ben -- had a shot to win their way back into the house, like they do every season? Ingrates!

And even when all 14 of the eliminated players got that shot in a thrilling three-part challenge, the inevitability of it all quickly became clear. Like the Terminator, Jeremy was going to stop at nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to seize back that berth in the final three.

It could have been a snooze-fest, were it not for the Jeremy-inator. But perhaps more interesting: There would be no Jeremy-inator without Dolvett.

Before we get to that, though, let's remark on the amazing transformations so far for so many of the players, particularly the ones that had been been dogged by controversy. Ben, who volunteered to go home early in the competition, is close to losing three digits. Santa Claus seems to be steering his sleigh away from the Christmas cookies (not sure I would have predicted that one.)

And then there's Mike. He had the tough-guy looks and demeanor but in the end was no match for Ana-Conda, who drove him out of the house for supposedly not working hard enough. That wasn't true, of course. But when faced with elimination, Mike said he had two choices: to give up, or prove that just a few short days on the ranch were enough to get him back on the path of eating right and exercising. Congrats, Mike.

Mike might have even had a shot at winning that third birth in the finals were it not for Dolvett. Because it was Dolvett's pep talk that gave Jeremy the much-needed kick in the gym shorts to get him back in the game.

We're accustomed to plenty of motivational speeches on the ranch. But I'd argue that this one goes into the books as one of the best in "Biggest Loser" history. "Do the work," Dolvett told Jeremy, "Shake it off."

"Don't fall in love with a result. Fall in love with this," Dolvett said, referring to Jeremy's internal and external transformation, "and make this your life." (I even considered sliding off the couch and doing some sit-ups. Luckily, the urge passed.)

It was at that moment, though, that the Jeremy-inator was born.

Jeremy said he could use his anger over his earlier elimination as either a curse or a motivator to win his way back into the game. He did just that at the insane pole challenge. Once Jeremy was fired up, I have no doubt that he would have stood on that pole for nearly four days instead of nearly four hours to win his way back into the final 3. Well done, Jeremy.

Random thought: Do you think Bob is fuming that Dolvett borrowed his "trust the process" mantra along with some of his favorite exercises?

Another random thought: Will next week's finale play out like this week's weigh-in? That seems kinda boring. I miss seeing the competitors trying to plug back into their home environment, as well as a grand challenge like the marathon. Thanks again Buddy and Mark, for mucking things up?


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--Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo credit: A glum Jeremy at last week's elimination. But it set the stage for his triumphant return to the final three this week. (NBC)