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Ryan Seacrest battles illness on 'Idol,' maintains perfect attendance

April 26, 2012 | 12:50 pm

Ryan Seacrest on 'American Idol'Ryan Seacrest nearly didn't make it to "American Idol" on Wednesday night. The genial host hasn't missed a night on "Idol" in the show's 11 years on the air. But a stomach bug almost made the man with the superhuman work ethic call in sick.

Almost, but not quite. Because Seacrest isn't one to let a mere illness keep him away from a studio full of singing amateurs. Though his complexion was pasty, his normal enthusiasm was flagging and he had to lean on the judge's table for support, Seacrest kept his perfect "Idol" attendance record intact.

But some fans seemed to react to Seacrest's ill performance the same way office workers react when a sick co-worker shows up in the office -- by suggesting maybe he should have just stayed at home.

Infinity8 wrote, "Ryan Seacrest was supposedly sick last night, so when he kissed and breathed on every person on the stage I CRINGED. DUDE!?"

Others took offense at the next day media coverage of Seacrest's illness, such as Socratic, who wrote, "And another MSNBC: "Sick Ryan Seacrest soldiers through 'Idol' show" My god! What courage! What heroism! America!"

Not every "Idol" fan ragged on sick Seacrest. Some actually preferred him that way, like Carl Dayandante, who wrote, "Promise, I think I love the sick Ryan Seacrest. He's not that giddy. Still the same antics."

Despite the brief bit of human weakness, Seacrest quickly rebounded post-show, tweeting fans, "Feeling better now. Thx throat coat. Fun show tonight."

Nothing can stop the Seacrest train. Nothing!


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-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: From left, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. Credit: Michael Becker / Fox