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Late Night: Stephen Colbert denies the GOP is waging war on women

April 11, 2012 |  9:52 am


 In recent weeks, liberals have criticized the Republican Party for taking a supposedly anti-female stance this election cycle. But — surprise, surprise — Stephen Colbert isn’t so convinced. 

“I have had it with the media accusing the Republicans of waging a war on women,” Colbert announced on his show Tuesday night. “And I will personally fight any woman who says we are.”

And there are plenty on the right who agree that the GOP’s alleged “women problem” is nothing but “a liberal fantasy fanned by the mainstream media.”  Colbert cited Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus, who claimed the controversy was as manufactured as a “war on caterpillars.”

To prove his pro-woman stance, Colbert announced a new segment — or, as he put it, “seg-woment” —  called “Colbert’s Lady Heroes.”

His first honoree was Wisconsin state Sen. Glenn Grothman, who recently led a successful effort to repeal the state’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act. Grothman, according to Colbert, is a hero because he understands that “wage discrimination is a myth.” For his part, Grothman has argued that men tend to make more than women not because of sexism but simply because “money is more important for men.”

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Colbert expressed a sympathetic point of view. “Women don’t care about money. I’m not even sure they cash their paychecks,” he said. “Money is a guy thing, like football, buffalo wings or deciding what is fair compensation for women. Besides, us dudes need the cash to impress the ladies. They have way less money for some reason.”

Can't imagine why. 


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— Meredith Blake