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'Joe Millionaire' looks back on 'terrible' reality TV people

April 25, 2012 | 12:44 pm

"Joe Millionaire"

Evan Marriott, the guy who is most popularly known as "Joe Millionaire," the subject of a notorious Fox reality series back in 2003, appeared on Fox's recent 25th anniversary special over the weekend, but one blogger's slam on his appearance has caused the former reality TV heel to admit his regrets about his whole "Joe Millionaire" ride to fame.

It began with a post on the women's lifestyle blog, The Gloss, which took note of Marriott's less-than-hunky physical appearance on the special. The headline was "Oh, Wow, Joe Millionaire Did Not Age Well" and writer Jennifer Wright recalled an interview Marriott gave during his "Millionaire" days where he said all he wanted was a blonde with a bubble butt. She then recalled this as the moment she realized people on reality TV are terrible people.

Somehow, this comment struck a nerve with Marriott, who was inspired to contact her directly with an email that the site has now reprinted in full.

After an apology for his behavior during those days, Marriott fixes his gaze on the entire reality TV genre and doesn't like what he sees. He tells Wright, "You're right about one thing though Jennifer, people in reality television can be terrible people." He continues, "Their main focus is all about how they can gain fame and steamroll everyone else around them in the process."

Not all reality shows are made the same and Marriott does see some good in talent competitions, such as "American Idol" and "Top Chef." "They should be commended," he writes.

But he does admit that there was one reaction to his "Millionaire" persona that really made him realize the error of his ways: "I know for certain my parents were unhappy with [the 2003 interview] and that's good enough for me."

Marriott may have his reality TV regrets, but judging by the comments, the email seems to have gone some way toward rehabbing his public image.


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-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Evan Marriott a.k.a. "Joe Millionaire." Credit: Fox