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'Treme' creator David Simon starts bloging

April 25, 2012 |  5:22 pm

David SimonDavid Simon is currently working on "Treme's" third season, set to return to HBO in the fall, but he's found some extra time to fire up his long-dormant personal Web domain and begin blogging.

And his first order of business is to explain exactly why he hasn't blogged before.

Mainly, he's paid much better writing for TV than for the Internet, and blogging could take too much of his time. And just in case his words get him into too much trouble, he's reserving the right to pull the plug on the operation.

"I may want to shut this venue down three weeks after anyone finds it," he writes. "I may, forgive me, find that I need to disable the comments and simply use the blog to highlight stuff and then run like hell."

But on the positive side, Simon has discovered that the blog is a good way to express himself in writing without the filter of other writers misinterpreting him.

He's referring to the recent controversy that erupted following the publication of a Q&A in the New York Times in which Simon appeared to be criticizing viewers who didn't watch "The Wire" from the very beginning -- an interpretation Simon attempted to correct through both the Times and on

As Simon explains it, "Calling back the reporter who had used what I thought was a specific critique in the most general and absurd way, I found that I was either obliged to continue working through him to correct the record — and trusting in a dynamic that had failed already, or alternatively, I had to offer myself up in another interview to a reporter who I knew for certain would endeavor to deliver my answers in correct context, but who was more interested in other topics than the one which concerned me."

So say goodbye to all of that and say hello to more clarifying posts on Simon's blog. And since, as Simon himself explains, he can't help but debate and voice his opinions, you can expect there will probably be a lot of clarifying in the weeks to come.


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-- Patrick Kevin Day

 Photo: David Simon. Credit: Chris Pizzello / Associated Press.