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'The Biggest Loser's' Kimmy Stone: Sacrificing self was 'no-brainer'

March 22, 2012 | 11:42 am

"The Biggest Loser's" elimination this week was a foregone conclusion. (Which is probably why they went right to the vote instead of giving the competitors time to thrash about.) The remaining contestants had to choose between Kimmy Stone and her daughter Megan. And Kimmy, no surprise, begged them to let her daughter stay.

"I am asking you to let me go home and Megan stay," she pleaded.

During Wednesday's weekly media conference call with the eliminated player, Kimmy said she had no regrets. "At that point I was already within 11 pounds of my goal and I felt like I had such a good grasp on things that I was going to be OK," she said.

Moreover, she was happy to sacrifice on behalf of her daughter.

"I wanted Megan to have more time to spend on the ranch to continue to lose weight and to continue with her fitness program. And as a parent you know you always want the best for your child. That's a natural instinct, and I had the feeling that sacrificing my position on the show in order for Megan to stay was a no-brainer for me. It was very easy. It was a sacrifice that I was more than willing to make."

She said she is happy to be home and talked about how her weight loss and new approach to living has led her husband to lose 45 pounds on his own and has rejuvenated their love life. Although she and her husband have been married for 27 years, she sounded like a lovey dovey newlywed as she went on and on about how much they are enjoying their lives together.

"I think we have a new appreciation for the time that we do have together, and we want to make every minute count, and we just want to do all the things that we kept saying we're going to do and never quite got to," said Kimmy, who referred to her husband as her soul mate. "We want to do all those things together. We've made our relationship a big priority."

She also said that eating right and staying active at home was like "war."

"I kind of compare this to going to war," she said of the battle to lose those last few pounds and then maintain the weight loss. "And I want to have my artillery and my cavalry set up before I ever do anything."

"So what I do is I pack myself an ice chest full of food and snacks that I can take along with me no matter where I go so that I make sure that I never get to that point where I'm so hungry that I'll just reach for the first thing that comes in front of me," she said. "I try and prevent letting myself get in a situation where I'm at the end of the day and I'm just starving and you know I'll have that urge to just pull into a fast-food place or just eat anything just because I'm so hungry. And that's really been a big help for me is kind of preventing myself from even getting into that situation."


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