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'Mad Men:' New trailer asks if fans missed Don Draper [Video]

March 13, 2012 |  7:00 am
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The upcoming return of "Mad Men" has fans licking their lips for all things Don Draper. Among the many plot turns to look forward to when the show restarts with a two-hour premiere on March 25?  Draper's marriage proposal to Megan, and the small matter of Joan's baby (and Greg's inevitable disillusionment when he realizes it's not his).

But promoting a show that's been gone for more than 17 months isn't easy. AMC has taken several tacks to tease the upcoming fifth season, the most playful of which has been to, well, acknowledge that the series has been gone a while.

In the exclusive new digital trailer (you can see it above; check back at Show Tracker later today and Wednesday for first looks at other spots), the network set footage from past episodes of the series against Wanda Jackson's 1957 hit "Did You Miss Me?" (Lyrics: "Did you miss me while I was gone/Did you want to kiss me when you were alone?")

In the spot, you can see shots of the show's iconic characters smiling, scheming and, of course, smoking (not to mention engaging in various forms of steamy behavior). The trailer will go out later this week on a number of digital platforms.

Network executives said that rather than pretend everything is picking up where it left off, they decided to nod to the long lag -- and do a double-entendre that could also apply to several character dynamics within the series.

"We wanted to acknowledge that the show's been away a while," Linda Schupack, senior vice president of marketing for AMC, told Show Tracker. "The song works on multiple levels."

Of course, fans might expect some Sterling Cooper-level talent in the "Mad Men" spots -- it's a show whose characters spend their days dreaming up clever advertising campaigns.

For fans scrutinizing the teaser for clues about the new season, there's no new footage from the show -- as a rule, the Matthew Weiner-created series doesn't offer that in its teasers that run before the season starts. But AMC hopes the new montage will allow fans to fill in the blanks themselves.

"The campaign is very simple. But the appeal of 'Mad Men' is that it's powerful enough that people can bring their own thoughts ... to the canvas," Schupack said.


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-- Steven Zeitchik