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Soup Nazi and Jerry Seinfeld return for Acura ad

February 5, 2012 |  5:44 pm


Jerry Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi are back -- but was it worth it?

There’s always a heavy celebrity count in Super Bowl ads, whether it’s Betty White for Snickers, Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne for Best Buy or Eminem for Chrysler, to name just a few from previous big game spots.

The theory of using stars in ads is that having a recognizable face makes for instant awareness. This year’s crop includes John Stamos, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump, Apolo Ohno, Regis Philbin, Will Arnett and Danica Patrick.

Does it work? Does it move the bottom line?

Timeline: Best Super Bowl commercials

Few could say for sure, but this one starring the well-known comedian has already taken some hits for being messy, unfunny and unbelievable. The premise: Seinfeld so covets an Acura NSX, a sports car that’s coming out of retirement, that he tries to bribe the gent who’s first on the waiting list.

Who among us believes that Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t snap his fingers and have any car he wanted, without resorting to ridiculous antics to get it? So, there’s that.

And about those just mentioned antics? They involve an alien corpse, the Soup Nazi, a sock puppet play, a holographic monkey and the last living munchkin. Viewers will be forgiven for scratching their collective heads.

By the time Jay Leno shows up, most people will have forgotten what this ad’s supposed to be about.

If you disagree, or are just glad to see Seinfeld back in action, sound off below.


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-- T. L. Stanley