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'SNL' knows that even macho dudes love 'Downton Abbey' [video]

February 6, 2012 |  7:10 am

Downton abbey saturday night live spike skit
We already know that "Downton Abbey" has won over a far wider audience than the usual PBS "Masterpiece" fare. But this weekend, a "Saturday Night Live" skit mocked Downton-mania by imagining a crossover between fans of Lord Grantham and the cars, tattoos and extreme sports-loving young male Spike TV viewer.

The spoof  "Downton" ad featured the Spike narrator explaining the premise for dudes: "They've got three daughters named Hot, Way Hot and The Other One." He goes on to describe the beloved, sharp-tongued dowager played by Maggie Smith as an "old lady who looks like a chicken. We hated her at first but then we got high and she made us crack up."

What about the servants? They're "a bunch of tuxedo'd people who live in the basement and their lives suck!" All too true -- though as critic Mary McNamara pointed out this weekend, the show doesn't paint a realistic portrait of the era's class relations.

If "Downton" fans are smart, they'll start campaigning for Maggie Smith to host "SNL" sometime soon. It worked with Betty White.

The video is below, complete with some late-night language:


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-- Joy Press

Caption: Maggie Smith in "Downton Abbey." Credit: PBS.