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'Monday Night Raw' recap: Eve is short for evil

February 14, 2012 |  8:57 am


In an interesting version of "Monday Night Raw," Eve Torres "wants to be just friends" with Zack Ryder.

The good: Shawn Michaels returned and told Triple H that he doesn't believe him when he says he doesn't want to wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It was a strong interview by Michaels, who showed that he is in a different league than most guys on the roster when it comes to putting over the importance of a match and making what happens in the ring seem important and believable. Also, Kane's plan to make John Cena embrace the hate took another step. He put Eve Torres, the girlfriend of Zack Ryder (who spent the whole show in a wheelchair and neck brace because of Kane's previous attack on him), in the back of an ambulance and prepared to speed off when Cena came and saved the day. Torres was so grateful, she gave Cena a passionate kiss right in front of Ryder. There's only one way this has to end: Torres has been working with Kane all along. It would be great to link the two, and it would give Torres mega-heat with the audience, as evidenced by the loud boos Torres received at the end of the show.

The bad: The opening debate segment featuring all six "Raw" superstars who will appear in the Elimination Chamber match at the next pay-per-view was really hokey. It was filled with bad comedy and didn't make me want to rush out and buy the show. It also diminished CM Punk, who took part in the debate and usually rises above poor material such as this. Not this time.

All in all, an erratic edition of "Raw," which seemed more like a place-holder for WrestleMania rather than a step toward it. Michaels saved the show and proved once again why he is Mr. WrestleMania.


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--Houston Mitchell

Photo: Shawn Michaels, left, confronts Triple H in the ring on "Monday Night Raw". Credit: WWE.