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Late Night: Michelle Dockery says men are 'terrified' of her

February 10, 2012 |  9:35 am
"Downton Abbey" star Michelle Dockery tells David Letterman that men are terrified of sleeping with her

Can it really be you, Lady Mary?

Dressed in her 21st century finest, "Downton Abbey" star Michelle Dockery paid a visit to "Late Show" Thursday night, in what is a sure indication of the British drama's smashing stateside success.  

Dockery explained to host David Letterman that although she plays a posh character on TV, she's actually from Essex -- which is a little like the New Jersey of Britain. "I come from a very working-class background, so my family would have been downstairs in the past, as opposed to upstairs. People are often quite surprised to hear that, that I'm not actually posh," she said.

"Well, you look plenty posh to me," Letterman replied flirtatiously. To prove her modest origins, Dockery even affected (or perhaps reverted to?) an Essex accent. (She's lucky the Dowager Countess wasn't in earshot.)

It's unclear whether Letterman is genuinely a "Downton Abbey" fan, but, if not, he's pretty good at faking it, interrogating Dockery about her character's thwarted romance with Cousin Matthew. 

"Of course, I can't tell you what happens. It's forever will-they-won't-they," Dockery said. "On Twitter, apparently we've been called the Ross and Rachel of period drama."

Letterman claimed that he'd "never seen such bad behavior from a group of people living in the same house" as on "Downton Abbey," and (minor spoiler alert) asked Dockery about Lady Mary's infamous dalliance with Mr. Pamuk. "And what about the time you're having sex with the guy and he drops dead?"

"Men are terrified of me now," she joked.

"Has anything like that ever happened to you?" Letterman wondered, prompting a big laugh from the audience. Dockery said it hadn't. 

There was more sex talk ahead. "You've got some big problems ahead of you on this show. The one guy who's been wounded and you can't, I mean ... what?" he asked, a roundabout reference to Matthew's impotence. 

Displaying some naughty British wit, Dockery answered, "You'll have to wait and see ... if anything arises."



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Photo: Michelle Dockery stars in "Downton Abbey." Credit: Carnival Films / Masterpiece