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'X-Factor': 'Crowing' about Nicole Scherzinger's ouster from show

January 31, 2012 |  9:47 am

Nicole Sherzinger and Rachel Crow

Nicole Scherzinger had it coming on "The X-Factor."

That's what Rachel Crow fans are saying today upon hearing the news that Scherzinger was fired from the Fox talent show along with co-judge Paula Abdul and host Steve Jones during a bit of Simon Cowell-directed housecleaning.

Now, there will be plenty of debate about whether Abdul and Jones deserved their pink slips. But Scherzinger? Let's just say that her critics are absolutely crowing about her departure.

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Here are just a few of the gloats broadcast on Twitter:

--"Is it Rachel Crow's revenge?"

--"I hope Rachel Crow got to deliver the news to her."

--And this, from Bonnie Fuller, editor of "#xfactor: Nicole Scherz gone. She sealed her fate refusg 2 vote between Rachel Crow + Marcus Canty.

Fuller is referring to the viewer backlash that took place when Scherzinger refused -- refused! -- to do her job as a judge and actually, you know, judge.

Under "The X-Factor's" format, contestants compete each week according to viewer voting based on the previous week's performance. The bottom two competitors face off in a live "sing-for-your-life" showdown, which judges use as the final determination as to whom to send home. In the case of a tie, the viewers' votes determine the outcome.

In the week that triggered all the controversy, fan favorite and 13-year-old phenom Rachel Crow squared off against Marcus Canty, and the pint-sized Crow, by nearly all accounts, delivered the far superior performance.

But Scherzinger just couldn't bring herself to make a decision. Instead she -- SOB! SNIFF! DAB AT HEAVILY MADE-UP EYES WITH TISSUE! -- allowed voters to decide, based on the previous week's performance. "I can't, I can't make this decision, please, I can't make this decision!" she said tearfully.

Long story short, victory was handed to Canty, Crow collapsed on stage and cried her eyes out, and viewers wanted Scherzinger's head on a stick.

It even led to criticism about the show's elimination process. After all, what's the point of having a "save-me" song if it really won't matter in a deadlock situation?

Do you think Scherzinger got what she deserved? What do you think about the shakeup on the show? And, looking forward to Season 2 of "X-Factor": Who would you like to nominate for judges table?

As you might imagine, this story will continue to unfold throughout the day, so keep checking back for the latest news.


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--Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Nicole Scherzinger, left, and Rachel Crow. Credit: Dan Steinberg / Associated Press and Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images.