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'WWE Monday Night Raw' recap: John Laurinaitis finally gets it

January 24, 2012 |  8:11 am

"Monday Night Raw," featuring CM Punk and John Laurinaitis, came from Phoenix and presented a mind-boggling build to Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view event

This week's "Monday Night Raw" came from Phoenix and presented a mind-boggling build to Sunday's Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

The good: I haven't talked about him much since his debut, but Brodus Clay is beginning to grow on me. (By the way, I have checked with several experts and Clay is indeed the only living, breathing, rompin', stompin' Funkasaurus in captivity). Clay seems to be really enjoying his new role, and I defy you not to have "Somebody Call My Momma" stuck in your head after watching his entrance. Well done, Brodus Clay, well done.

The bad: I like John Cena. He works hard, does a lot for charity and seems to be a genuinely decent person. But his facial expressions while trying to show anger after Kane's destruction of Zack Ryder were just horrible. I've seen better acting at an elementary school play.

The mystifying: So, the producers spend weeks building up to CM Punk finally getting his hands on John Laurinaitis, executive vice president of talent relations and interim general manager of "Raw." The whole build for the Royal Rumble was Punk versus Ziggler for the title, with Laurinaitis as referee and getting beat up by Punk after trying to cheat Punk out of the title.

The crowd has been begging for this for weeks. Many were prepared to spend $40 or $50 fto see Laurinaitis finally get what is coming to him. So what happens? They have Punk give him the GTS on Monday. What? Aren't you supposed to entice people to buy your PPV events by teasing things like that and then making fans pay to see it? I don't get it.

It was truly mind-boggling that the producers would give this away in a regular "Raw" episode. It would be like Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather agreeing to fight on PPV, only to decide instead to throw all that money down the drain by fighting for free the week before the event is scheduled. It makes no sense.

The ending ruined what was a solid episode of "Raw."


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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: CM Punk prepares to give John Laurinaitis the GTS. Credit: WWE