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Now it's Keith Olbermann vs. the New York Times

January 5, 2012 |  3:48 pm

Keith Olbermann, one of America's leading pugnacious TV hosts, spent part of Thursday in a Twitter salvo — not with his bosses at Current but rather with the New York Times.

Olbermann is still engaged in a standoff with the tiny network he joined last year over his role in election coverage. But the host took time off from that battle to square off against media reporter Brian Stelter for his reporting on the Current affair. 

In a series of tweets, Olbermann lambasted Stelter for what he said was an attempt to threaten him into commenting for the record. When Stelter replied via Twitter that he had merely told Olbermann what he was going to report, the host accused the journalist of "flat-out lying."

Olbermann later derided Stelter's coverage as "unsupervised pseudo-journalism by kids." Olbermann, at 52, is twice Stelter's age.

If it has done nothing else, the latest front in Olbermann's war has united him with a longtime ideological nemesis: Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is likewise no fan of the New York Times.


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Photo: Keith Olbermann has turned his sights on the New York Times. Credit: Current.