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Late Night: Stewart, Colbert ridicule Gingrich's moon base idea

January 27, 2012 |  9:47 am


Earlier this week, presidential candidate New Gingrich promised that, if elected, he would establish a permanent American colony on the moon by the year 2020. On Thursday night, Gingrich's ambitious proposal drew the jeers of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

The moon colony idea was Gingrich's way of embracing contentions leveled by his rival Rick Santorum in South Carolina last week that he is a "grandiose" thinker.

Stewart marveled at Gingrich's audacity: "A moon base?! Your solution to being accused of grandiosity is ‘Give me eight years and I'll have a...moon base?! Did you start with Death Star and got kind of reined in?”

Both hosts blasted Gingrich's suggestion that the moon colony could eventually become a state. Stewart pointed to remarks Gingrich made in 1993, when he dismissed efforts to make Washington, D.C., a state "crazy."

Colbert also found some bitter irony in Gingrich's idea that the moon could become a new manufacturing hub. "America will bring manufacturing to the moon. Ohio? [Totally] out of luck."

Not to be outdone, Stewart managed to tie Gingrich's outlandish moon mission back to his much-discussed personal life. “This isn’t about making new states," Stewart said. "Newt Gingrich did that global warming ad with Nancy Pelosi, realized that the Earth is very sick and now he wants to leave it for a younger planet!"

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— Meredith Blake